How It Works

At Kyanna we believe in empowering and inspiring women around the world. That is why we created The Kyanna Collective to allow female founded businesses to thrive... together!

Do you own a pole business? Do you sell pole related products or teach workshops? Then this is the place for you!

The beauty of a marketplace is that women around the world join the Collective and then share their products with their followers. The Kyanna Collective also advertises for the entire Collective. So you take advantage of the global exponential scale of a marketplace.

How to sell on the Kyanna Collective?

Becoming a seller is easy!

Firstly, your business must be founded or lead by a woman. This is not to leave anyone out, this is to ensure that we are doing our bit to build a more equal and empowered world.

Secondly, you must commit to being a part of an inspiring movement. We live for positivity and upliftment! We love new ideas and connection!

If you meet those criteria, click here to sign up to sell!

Watch the video below for help with setting up your account! Underneath that, learn how to setup your own shipping rates!


In your dashboard you can view:

  1. Sales
  2. Store Statistics
  3. Store Earning
  4. Top Sold Products
  5. Recent Orders
  6. Out of Stock Products


We ask and recommend that you keep the retail price of your products and workshops the same on the Kyanna Collective as you list them on your site or other sites. However, sales and promotions are unique!

As this is a marketplace, you receive 88% of all sales.

For more information on pricing and how to become a Seller on the Kyanna Collective please watch this short video.

Do you want to add your own shipping prices to your physical products? Watch this short video to learn how!